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Old 07-29-2007   #1
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Default 3ds max or maya

many of my friends told me to study 3ds max but i dont know why i prefer maya. probably because i never had a chance to see 3ds max, but from what i have seen, people done excellent work on 3ds max.
my question is which one you would recommend me to study? and which one is easier to use between those 2 softwares? and since im studying in sydney i found out that theres only very few university teaching maya. most of them use 3ds max.
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You cant always judge by the quality of work as there are always a few gurus for each package producing amazing results. The package you choose depends on what you need, and they are all difficult to learn at first. My personal preference is maya, I have seen max and really dont like it, and currently I am getting comfortable with XSI. Maya is amazingly flexible and fast if you study it enough, and provides the fastest interaction between user and software. However, it has been mostly designed for use by large studios so it is not so single user friendly when you want to do complex FX work. I dont do complex FX work so I'm cool with having to script my way out of the problems I encounter or make optimizations I need. This is just a fraction of what I have in mind regarding your question, unfortunately I have no time right now to write everything down. Send me an email if you want to get into some specifics.

Dont bother with who teaches what, select the package that feels less constraining to you. My view is that if you learn maya you will build a strong foundation on 3D graphics and you will be able to jump to another package if the job demands it (it won't be fast and it won't be painless but you will be able to do it ).
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Old 08-02-2007   #3
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Default It's the artist not the tool he uses

This always seems to come up: which program is better? and it always seems to go to whichever program the speaker is working in at the time. Either that or what his school is teaching or his workplace is using.

The main programs seem to be 3DS Max, Maya or Lightwave. To become competent in anyone of those you first of all must stick to that program and learn it throughly. Once you are to the point where you feel you can express your point in with that particular program AND can perform most assignments presented to you with that tool THEN you can spread your wings and try other programs to see what you like and dislike about each one. Try to do them all at one time and you will not only be confused, you will probably go nuts from the frustration and wind up just giving up on the whole thing.

Not everybody can be a Michelangelo and work with pencil, paint, chisel and leave an indelible mark on the world, but you can become proficient and capable of producing good quality work in a reasonable period of time. Do that and you can be happy. If you have talent, then you can learn how to use the tools to express your talent so that you and others may enjoy the fruits of your labor.

One nice thing about Maya and Max is that this nifty company named Gnomon (nope, I don't have anything to do with them) produces some very remarkable tutorials which - IF you have patience and are a visual learner - can give you a great amount of insight that you can readily apply. Yes, they occasionally put out a clunker or two but overall they do the best job of teaching that I have seen yet.

A problem that lots of folks have is that these programs aren't cheap. There is one other program that I know of that is really inexpensive yet has a huge capability, and that is Animation Master by Martin Hash. It does have a steep learning curve but you can do some remarkable work with it without having to spend what you would have to for the other programs.

It al comes down to you. Not the program. Do you have the desire and perserverance to sit down and work hard EVERY day to learn? It's not just putting down pretty images, it's knowing how and why and then doing the work efficiently and with a bit of panache.

Not easy. But boy, does it excite your life!
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Old 08-03-2007   #4
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That's it man, you're absolutely right, the computer is just a tool, in fact what really matters is the artist or the man behind it.Maya, Max, LW,XSI, all of them have their strength and also have their weakness, the truth is that the best software is the one you knows best(the one you study every single day and become capable to express your art with).
I think this is the best software.

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Old 08-04-2007   #5
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while i can agree that it really just depends on what program you prefer to just ace yourself in which would be the best, i still think that the respective setups for either program have their benefits. in terms of texturing and maybe modeling (although for modeling i prefer rhino) i would go with 3dsmax (renderman added on since thats what most studios use), but for animation work i would go with maya (better equations setup to calculate movement and better IK and skeleton setups).

but to boil it all down, if you wanted to go pro in one software package go for it. it means youll be able to render high quality compositions in that program. i prefer the well rounded approach and have cs2 & painter running side by side while having 3dsmax and maya all setup and ready to go if i wanted to do a whole modeling and animation segment. there really is no better program as some top studios will use either or. just know what you want to specialize in and see which one works out best for you. good luck.
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