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Old 06-24-2007   #1
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Default Need help.

Hi. Im kinda new to the whole 3d modelling scene and Ive tried out Maya. I like it very much but it seem thoroughly difficult to master and Ive been having some problems doing the stuff I would like to create. I need to make 2 stunning pictures for a school Im hoping to get in too (gamemaking).

Ive got relatively good photshop skills and got some good pictures there... But to really blow their minds I would like to create something useful in Maya.

Any tips on how advanced etc I should go? I want to make one picutre "cartoonish" of a house with an elf on it with big flowers as background.

And one more realistic of something like a medieval lab.

So I would be more than happy to receive some tricks and tips for how to make those. And wich one do you think it would be easier to make it in? 3DS max or Maya?

Thanks / eltese
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Old 07-03-2007   #2
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Well, as far as which 3d package is better or easier that depends on you. I'd suggest that you try as many as you can, there are demo versions for all of them, 3ds, Maya, Cinema4D, Lightwave, XSI, houdini etc etc, and find the one you like.

Now as far as how advanced you wanna go into Maya, well that depends how good results you want. If you just want to impress your friends then the introductory dvd's here at gnomon should be enough, but you can't just walk into maya and get some film like results. Lot's of us are been trying for quite some time now with lots of efforts, tutorials and commitment and we are not half way through yet.

I hope that helps.

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Old 08-11-2007   #3
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Well you shouldn't just jump right into trying to make your house and elf. Start off with the basics, to get a feel for the program. Make a wine glass using Nurbs curves (that's usually where people start off with Maya, and it was the first thing we did in my class. Its very simple, and since it works out so well it really helps you get into Maya. Make something simple with polygonal modeling- take a cube and make a table or something. Just work on easy things to get yourself started off with, your house might be good for a second or third project, but pace yourself, and take it easy. And above all, the best advice any one can give you is to work with as little faces as possible. Too much geometry leads to messy and difficult work, so work as simply as possible.

Also, draw up a blue print to everything you make, don't just go in there cold turkey with nothing to base it off of. Draw both a front and side perspective of each object your making, and if you can, scan your image, apply them to planes, set the planes up perpendicularly, so you'll have a 3d blue print to work from. I actually trace them with nurbs curves, and delete the planes so there's less in my way.

There are some good books to check out as well. Im reading Mastering Maya 8.5 right now. Its awkwardly worded, but has a good overview of everything the product has to offer.

If this school your applying to is just college, then don't worry about the fine details just yet. Most schools will be impressed that you have any knowledge whatsoever of Maya. I had some crappy 3d max images and it did me well. Again work simple, dont over exert yourself with detail early in a project. From personal experience, I've had to scrap models early in the process. So take it easy on yourself and just work on getting to know the program, and you'll be fine.
Best of luck to you, hope any of this helped.
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Default Re:Your Query

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