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Portfolio Review Share your work for constructive criticism from us and the community

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Default New to Gnomon

Hey guys, what's up?

I'm new to this website (as you guys would've guessed already) and just want to put up some works for you to view.
Can I get some critiques? Make them harsh/truthful but if there's a problem that you'd like to point out could you also state on how to fix it? That'd be greatly appreciated!

I really really really want to improve so even if you think you're being harsh, don't hold back okay?

These aren't all of my works, there are many more; but they aren't worth showing (TRUST ME)
Thanks for your time!
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I think your work is really cool. As far as a crit, I think you may have the same problem as I do... where as you use lots of small brushes. This is great for details, but the values tend to get a little messy and difficult to view the overall form. For me, I'm forcing myself to use bigger brushes and worrying more about the big shapes more than details. But this is just MHO.

Keep up the great work though.
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Awards Showcase


all i saw was some really really cool pictures. it made me excited to see where the story is going.
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Default some thoughts.....

Interesting images. You have a main character in an environment and the feeling of it make me thing of a game or a comic book.

My favorite is the first one....

Check out these live streams from a Swedish concept artist who works for Blizzard.

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I am not an expert but I have commented on things that have jumped out at me.

Nice ideas and atmosphere is getting there. Couple of things I would say to improve: The second image seems to be fighting against the skewed angle you are attempting. You should draw in good perspective and then skew the image rather than trying to draw in a skewed perspective as your brain will always fight against it and the image will lose that feel. For example, the upright and adjoining top section to the left of image 2 is not in correct perspective. Compare your lines and be brutal with corrections, you will learn a lot more this way.

1st image is nice but I would like to see more of a sense of scale so you could have a more upward angle with the figure appearing much smaller in comparison to the trees. The trees in turn should take up more of the vertical space to give a sense of overwhelming height and presence. You generally have a good sense of depth in your images which is good, but keep detail to a minimum and use detail and contrast to draw the viewer to an area you want them to see, leave the rest bold and brief. Also, look up the Japanese term Notan and use it to balance the tones in your paintings.

My favorite is number 3, it has more of these qualities.

The grass in number 4 is not natural. Look at nature and forget you are seeing grass and look honestly at the colour and tone, there are more greys and dark earth colours than you imagine. As Rembrandt said ''Choose only one master - Nature.'' you will learn all you need to know from creation.

Asking for constructive criticism instead of hoping for kind remarks is the right attitude in my view.

Hopefully that will help you on your next one, look forward to seeing it.

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