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Default Wanting to Attend Gnomon, But...

Alrighty, basically, here is my "life story" (as of now at least) and I am really hoping there is someone who has some ideas or some suggestions to help me out.

(If you would like, you can disregard these next few paragraphs. I am not trying to "puff myself up" or make me look good. I only post these next parts to kind of explain my situation a little bit. And, please don't take pity on me, my life is very good compared to most people.)

Hi, my name is Steve. I am 24 and I live in IL. (Sad to admit it; I hate this wretched cold). My entire life revolves around doing volunteer work and helping others. I have traveled to a few places in the US and a couple outside the US to assist in providing free education, regardless of age, race, or financial situation. It also includes relief work (i.e. Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, etc.) I didn't start getting into it until about 2 years ago but it is my life now. I just graduated from a school that prepares you for that type of work and so now, I want to be able to travel and help wherever I am needed.

Now, because it is volunteer work, I pay for it all personally. I don't mind at all, I just live simple and its pretty easy.

In order to pay for it, I went to school for architecture. However, once I got out, there were no jobs anywhere for it. So, I just got a regular job. Currently, I clean windows and offices, and do odd jobs here and there to make it. But, its starting to fail a little bit; work is becoming scarce. But, everyone is dealing with that; not just me so no need to take pity on me. Also, I want to be able to travel but I will still need to care for myself financially. I took up learning Maya as a hobby, something to fill the free time and I enjoy it so much, I figured, "Hey! Its on the computer and I can make money doing it. Why not?!"

(You can pick up back here. Here is my problem.)

I have been looking for a school that can, not just give me a degree, but can train me. I don't want to get a job at a company (I want to be free to travel whenever and wherever I am needed) but I figured the freelance work could be a good fit: portable, more flexible, still make some money. After looking at a few schools, I think Gnomon would be my best choice. I feel that I will get the training I need.

Here is the problem: the only way to can get financial aid is if I moved to California and went to school at Gnomon. I would love to, but I don't think it would be possible. Online classes are the perfect fit but I can't get financial aid. I know there is the possibility of private loans, but I am in debt right now and trying to get out (credit card company turned on me like so many others, unfortunately).

Basically, just wondering if anyone has any ideas. I know I can't be the only person who has had this dilemma. I figured there are some students and staff from Gnomon that come on here and maybe they have some ideas or suggestions.

Any ideas would be extremely helpful. Thank you all!
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