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Old 11-23-2006   #1
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Default Pardon for the Annoying Noob Question

I am new to the game and hopefully you guys can help me out with some advice so that I save some time. I am looking to learn the rendering part of 3d, I model in form Z(arch) and am looking for a program to render in. I am currently playing with 3DS, Maya, and Cinema 4D. I also own a mac, and don't see myself going back to the pc. Based on your experience, which program of the three would you suggest I focus in on if you were in my shoes, an architecture student. Thanks in advance, this might be the wrong place to post, but I did not see a better place on this forum.
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Well, 3D Studio doesn't offer a Mac version. I've never used Cinema 4D but it can technically do the same things as Maya can. I'm a Maya user and, personally, I can't stand working Maya on a Mac. I'd suggest trying both out on a Mac (Maya and C4D) and also trying all three on a PC. They all do the same thing, it's just which tool you feel most at ease with.
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I use C4D 9 on both Mac and PC, and prefer the PC version- even though it appears pretty much identical on both platforms. I'm not sure how the new R10 will look on Mac, the interface is changing alot. (I'm also learning Maya on PC )

Good luck!
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Old 11-28-2006   #4
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From what ive seen 3Ds max with Vray have the most impessive renders for architexture... Basicaly u can achieve the same stuff in maya but its a lot easier in max. I am a maya user and i would recomend maya to anyone. I know that its the most complete pakage out there. Once u know how to use it properly and u master lighting and rendering i believe its going to be perfect. Mental ray is an amazing renderer and u can get Vray for maya 7 from what i know. Most people go for Max cause u can get good results and fast but i think there is a limit to that. As for C4D i think it comes after maya and max, though it does have a very good material library... basically its not the tool that maters but the user Its up to u to get good results, and im pretty sure u can get amazing results with any piece of software. Hope this helps
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well i would say Maya is the best it has every thing you like.

in short words its amazing 3d software.

good luck!
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Old 01-11-2007   #6
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Well, being an architecture student myself, i would suggest the 3dsmax/vray combo. I have been making architectural visualizations for the last four years and have tried various applications and renderers but max is definitely the thing that works best for me, especially considering the fact it was made to work well with AutoCAD, which is a great thing. As someone else on this forum already said, Maya and Max are now basically the same thing +- a few details. Maya used to be oriented more towards animation, while max was very popular with game designers. Nowadays though, you're likely to see both of them used for all sorts of projects. Vray, on the other hand, is known for great results in little time, and its range of options and possibilities are more than enough for arhitectural visualization. Mental ray (or finalRender for that matter) has always proved to be too much of a hassle for me, considering short deadlines for almost all projects i had to make. Vray makes life easier and thats why I use it. Although, I must admit, I often like results from some other renderers more, Vray gets the job done - fast. I would suggest working on a PC though, whether you like it or not, for various reasons which I will not explain in detail here because this post is alrady too long But, in the end, that's just my opinion, you should atleast try various stuff to see what works best for you.
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