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Old 11-21-2006   #1
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Default New titles with Neville Page?

Hi all!

Just want to check if there are any plans for new DVD's with Neville? I really loved all of his DVD's, not just his style but how he verbally explains/teaches his techniques. I would really love more DVD's with him, are you planning on making any more?

I recall Scott talking about new DVD's with Neville explaining super techy shadow/lightning conditions, but Scott's DVD's were released ages ago and still nothing on Neville. Also, on (what used to be Scott's AND Neville's home page) now lacks any information about Neville (contact, bio, galleries etc everything is only about Scott) and there isn't even a link to a potential new "Neville only page".

I'm starting to get worried that there has been a disagreement and that Scott has decided to stay away from Neville? That could possibly mean that there won't be any more DVD's with Neville since "designstudio|press" (that Scott runs, I think) is affiliated with Gnomon?
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Default New DVD's from Neville

I appreciate your interest, comments and concerns. So, to set the record straight, allow me to explain.
First off, Scott Robertson (Design Studio Press) and I are still best of friends and are very much associated on many levels. In fact, both of our companies still reside under the same roof. The choice to leave the partnership of a website was a mutual one. Both of us wanted to showcase our work with greater clarity, and we found that it was confusing to some as to whom did what. Scott has finished his site and mine is in the works.
As for new DVD's.....I am slated to do more, but let me explain the reason for the delays. About 2 years ago, I started a new company called Creative Art Tools (CAT). The intent of which was to offer artist a new range of tools. Products were underway and then a wonderful opportunity to work with James Cameron came up. It was thought that it would last a few months, however, my involvement has grown and I am deep in it. As a consequence, Creative Art Tools has moved at a snails pace and all other ventures are trailing behind that snail. The good news......the first CAT product has gone into production. These are the "Geoforms" that Scott referenced in his DVD's. I will let you know when production is available (assuming there is interest).
Now, about those DVD's. It is my plan and passion to do a few more once the film with JC slows down. I will no longer speculate as to when since I am in it already 4x's the length than I had projected.
I am greatful to both Alex Alvarez and Scott for their patience with me regarding this fantastic opportunity I have embarked on.
Sites and products are in the works however.

Thank you again for your interest.
All the best,
Neville Page
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Old 11-22-2006   #3
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Thank you very much for that great explanation, I am glad that everything between you and Scott is good. I understand the reason that you went different ways on the homepage, it seems logical that two great artists like you should have individual homepages.

CAT sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to see the other tools that you will offer. I absolutely loved the geoforms that Scott used in his DVD's, especially the 3 color ones, and was wondering where I could get those and do studies of my own. I am sure that they will be very appreciated by many artists.

Again, thank you for explaining the situation. Now that I know that there will be more with the great Neville I am not worried anymore. I wish you the best of luck with your company, homepage and the DVD's, I know that you will be successful on all parts.

Kind regards,
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Old 11-02-2007   #4
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Arrow Any news?


another year went by, so in order to bring this whole thing back on the agenda I'll post my questions here rather than starting a new thread.

I did some good amount of surfing the web, but still I can't seem to find either any new DVDs from Neville or something regarding that whole CAT / geoforms thing that was said to be in the making.
I'm into Industrial Design (just interest - not actually working there), so in-depth technical shadow construction is something I'd really look forward to and also the geoforms would be great to have, cause I'm about to start introducing some guys at my university into basic drawing techniques and having these tools at hand would make things much more obvious for them.

I'm sure Neville has some cool things running right now and has very little time to check this forum, but still I'd appreciate any tiny bit of news regarding the current state of those two projects.

Kind regards
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Old 11-14-2007   #5
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Yeah, I am waiting for the new titles from Nevile also.
It would be great to hear any fresh news from Nevile directly.
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Old 09-15-2009   #6
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I guess now that Avatar is pretty much in the bag CAT will get some attention and we will see more of Neville and the mysterious Geoforms

I'm a great fan of both Neville and Scott's work and I can't wait to see that dvd on technical shadows!

How about some updates Mr. Page?

Last edited by Lohult; 10-04-2009 at 11:29 AM.
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