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Default Rigging glitch

I've been rigging a bipedal character, using "Character Rigging: The Puppet Rig", and have run into a problem. I set up my character's feet the same way as the rig in the DvD, but when I rotate my character's ankle along the X axis, it also rotates on the Y axis, but the Rotate Y value doesn't change.

I'm not sure if its happening because I'm using a soft bind, but only allowed 1 joint for influence. Are there any common reasons for this kind of problem?

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I've been working on diagnosing this issue for a while now, and have figured out a few things.

1) The problem occurs when I parent the ankle FK control shape to the ankle joint. The bone rotates along the aim axis about 45 degrees.

2) Freezing Transformations on the control shape doesn't help.

3) The Ankle IK Control works fine before the FK control is parented.

Does anybody know why the bone rotates when I parent constrain the control shape to the joint?

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i haven't used the puppet rig dvd put i've had a few probs when rigging... here's my tip for when putting constranits on joint... when using another ncontroler like acircle, locator or whatever... if it rotates or moves from it's place u can offset it on the attributes to straighten it back... once it's done it should work... had that probs with wrists mostly

for the feet i use two ik handles... once from the hip to the ankle and then an ankle to the foot. Then put a circle beneath the foot and parent both ik to the circle, but do one at a time, i've had glitches when selecting both and then parenting... when parented and everything is good, the knee will always point to where the foot aims... so it's a good way to control your knee bending... remember that your foot and leg control will be the cirlce now and not the iks

don't know if that is done in the dvd....

hope it helps. .. cheers

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