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Work-in-Progress (WIPs) Working on your submission for the monthly contests and want to share your progress/process and get some feedback? This is the place to do it.

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Default w.i.p. for oct. contest. please help

i'm stuck...i got a draft and then i did the following sketch. not sure where to go from here...please help.

"where do we go from here my love?"
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I would say ... color it ...
nono seriously, what do you mean with where do we go from here?
Don't you like the picture in its current state?
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Awards Showcase


Great idea. Whats the story for this?

Is the guy on the dragon/lizard, Death? And is he showing souls the way the the after life?

If so. I wouldn't have the gates to the after life as a banner saying RIP. It doesn't have enough grandeur. I would try rethinking that. Something with a bit more ooompf. Maybe a set of HUGE set of heavenly gates or a cave entrance with a grand archway to the under world.

I the first sketch the character on the dragon (who i think is Death) he looks to be looking away from the scene as if saying to himself...."right that's another soul done, time to go get another". And I like the way it looks as if he is cloaked (like traditional Death).

Anyway...I might have the wrong end of the stick for the narrative. Hope its given you something to think about anyway.
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