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Old 05-10-2008   #1
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Exclamation The best 3D program?

I'm a beginner and I need to know which 3D program are the best for me . I think could be good if are very intuitive to learn by my self. All suggestions are welcome A little explanation why it's the best for me could be great .
Thanks for you time and God bless you.
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I don't have much time now for a reply so I keep it short!
1 of the best 3D programma's are 3D max and Maya. Which is the best really depends of you. A tip is just to download the trial versions of those software and take a look wich you like the most to work with.

And yes you can learn all by yourself, I'm working with maya for about 2 years and learnd everything by myself. With enough fantasy and high motivation nothing is hard And there are allot of tutorials around on the internet where you can learn allot from it.

Good Luck,

1e year student at NHTV - Game Architecture & Design
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Old 05-13-2008   #3
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remember the software wont make good art the artist dose.
try the top 3 or 4 3d packages then see what one works with the way you think best. easy of navigation is very important ( how hard is it to find the button u need). what is your main intrust animation , games, ect..?
are you going to be a hobby modeler or try to get a job at it?
Maya ,3D max, and soft image would be the ones to try out.
possibly lightwave.... to....
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Old 05-23-2008   #4
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I've never used 3D Studio Max, but I've been enjoying Maya for about 2 years and I find it wonderful! You can create anything you want and use its special features and opportunities to model and render photorealistic characters, buildings, cars, cartoon scenes,... especially in the unlimited version. You must try it!

You should take a look also to ZBrush if you are interested in characters modeling, and then use both programs together...
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Old 05-23-2008   #5
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Definitely you should download the trial version's of each and compare them.
What it really comes down to is what you want to do with it.
Are you planing on doing professional freelance art or do you just want to animate for fun?
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Old 06-07-2008   #6
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I'm not afraid to pick one program over another.
I started out with Max. And i find Max a bit more easy when it comes to learning the basics of 3D, and it still is a great moddeling suit. But after i went over to maya, i'm not affraid to rate it best. Much more intuitive than max with it's billions of modifiers. When you make a poly in maya it's ready for modeling at once, so i find the maya wrkflow much more easy.
futhermore maya's hypershade is way more solid when it comes to keeping the overview, where as max shader system can render a newbie totaly lost in navigating up and down the hireaky.

Again my comparison is to max 8 and i dont know if anything has changed since.

I know i'll get all of the max community on my neck but going from max to maya was like going from the sandbox to entrepreneuring.

then again seeing the difference betwene a max job and a maya job is impossible

Good luck and all in all it's just a question of getting started. so get going !!

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Old 09-12-2008   #7
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No one software eclipses any other software across the board.

Jascore - Really, don't think you've learnt Max that well at all, if you think Maya's polytools are better than Max's. That's like the only area Max is better then Maya. And I'm surprised you stated that more modifies was one of that aspects that swayed you. I do a lot of seamless poly modelling and so I polyedit mostly & so only use a few modifies. But when I do I get scared at the long list of modifies in Max.

Anyhow you need to base your choice around the industry you’re going for. I'm a computer game artist so Max's modelling is the most appropriate choice, not only because the tools are better, but because that's the largest user base in this industry. And I'm guessing for films it would be modelling in Maya and generally for animation XSI. Research what software the greatest user base use, in your chosen industry and then you'd have your choice.

And anyway, today you can create any object in any software, as they all have great tools.

And now for something completely fanboy-ish. > Nothing out there compares with 3dsmax with polyboost for a complete poly tool solution.

Maya users will be getting "Next" soon which is copying polyboost basic tools. It even copies Max's workflow and even the icons! Why? becuase again nothing compares

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I learn't at college using Cinema 4D. I pretty much learned by myself with some help from tutors. The great thing about C4D is its simplicity. Everything is so easy to use and it pretty self explanatory. Its a pretty competent program with animation and has a decent renderer.

Having said that. I use Maya now and had to take a few month to familiarize myself with the masses of menu's and its complexity. If i hadn't had the prior knowledge of basic modelling I got using C4D i would have been lost.


C4D = fast and easy to learn all the basic and get to a good level of understanding in all aspects of modeling, animation, texturing and rendering.

Maya = Very complex for a beginner and a steeper learning curve. But, it is the industry standard so if you plan to have a carreer in modeling you will need to move to Maya or 3Dmax at some point.

If I had to start again I'd probably go straight for Maya but I'd probably end up with more headaches and might get disheartened.
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Old 09-12-2008   #9
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PoopaScoop You might be right. and i do not claim mayas polytools to be better, it might all be in a click of a hotkey but still i find it mayas modeling workflow more intuitive not having to apply modifiers before editing, it's been a couple of years and a couple of versions since i've played with max and i might give it a shot. again i only speak for myself. the same with the shading tools. as i remember max, one could easyly get lost in complexed shadingnetworks. overall 'i agree with you that the choice of package depends on a lot of factors and it's an allmost neverending discussion arguing one over the other. in the end much having to do with what you are used to. i might well give max a second shot :-D

Ps it was not more modyfiers that swayed me. maya could use a couple more of them. it was the fact that you had to ad them before you had access to vertecies faces, edges and the like.
and I agree with stinger88 had it not been for the programs like max or cinima4d i would probably have tossed the towel if getting right onto maya.

one thing though that I envy is the V-ray but hey maya got it too now :-D

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You only really need basic poly tool now days to make a low poly mesh to export to zbrush or mudbox, where the magic begins. For organic modeling anyways.
It just depends on what softwares workflow makes sense to you.
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