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Exclamation Probs with Zbrush... quicck question

K the annoying thing is.... i got the intro de zbrush 3 dvd and hoping that it wouldn?t be so different from the zbrush 2 version i got... big mistake... as for now i haven?t been able to use the alpha channels like a brush as Meats does on his dvd... is there any way possbile to use the alphas as a brush in the edit mode? how the hell can in put the wrinkles, scales and al sort of stuff on my model while in edit mode?

I can use them but onlly when i drop the mesh and turn it into dead pixols.

and another question if any one knows... is there something like subtools y zbrush 2?

the thing is that i got mac and for the momento i can?t seem to find the 3.0 or the 3.1 version....

or better yet.. anyone know besides the boot camp program so i can bitpart, seperate my harddrive so i can instal the windows? boot camp is now only with the leapord software

ty if anyone can help..... plz.....
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I feel your pain, man. I am on a Mac and using ZBrush 2 for the moment. ZB3 is not available at the moment for Mac, but I asked Pixologic and they that ZBrush 3 for Mac should be coming out shortly... like within a few months.

The only way to use alphas while in edit mode is to use the Projection Master, turn the color mode off, select Deformation with normalized off, click Drop Now, and then you can use alphas to get those cool textures. Also, try changing the Stroke to DragRec, and then you can drag out the alpha across the model. When you are done texturing that area, go back to the Projection Master button and select Pick Up Now.

As far as Sub Tools, unfortunately that is only available, as one of the many kick ass new features, on ZB3. I hope this was helpful and clear. I'm still learning this stuff myself, but if I can lend a helping hand I gladly will.
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i use a mac and i use vmfusion to run windows... no need to reboot at all
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Sweet!!! ty davewolf and kraal.... i'll get on the alpha work tight awasy using the projection master.. it's a shame we can't use zbrush 3 on mac yet... mac, sigh, good for some stuff and really annoying sometimes...

hey kraal can u run zrush 3 on the vmfusion? does it run well graphic wise? ya think it'll handle headus too?

davewolf, for the drag and drop mask is there any way to get the mask on something for example in the middle of the object withought distorting the mask too much? cuz if i start form the outside and drag and drop, the image is huge and the detail is lost... any clue?

just some quick questions.. i'll look into also... the zbrush3 has too many cool upgrades to let by.... and headus... damn, that uv layouv is so simple... u guys now of any other soft like that for mac? i'm looking and looking but nothing so far....

k ty again guys...

good luck on the contest, i still don't have an image in mind for this month...

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