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Default Two suggestions for trainning...

Hi, I want to suggest two dvd training that have been looking for a while... I think you guys are the best to do it...(the names are suggestion too)

The first one is a "Drawing composition for 2D and 3D illustration": I'm looking for the theory of painting composition, you know: main lines, main diagonals, composition lines, how to capture the viewers attention with the position of the elements of the scene... you got that knowledge sparsed in your analog drawing series but if you can compress it in one dvd it will be awesome, like your color theory dvd... you can look for Kris Costa to do it, he is the best at it.

The second one is "Short film production": maybe a two dvd set with a big and deep making of a short film, but no a "Disney making of", a really one, with all the process (resumed hehehe), discussion, overrall pipeline, solved problems, scratch voices a skectches, story board, modeling, animation texturing and rendering, maybe in maya, using zbrush, xsi etc.... It is from you it will be the best....

Maybe you can create a Directx or OpenGL programming series too, I'll buy it hehehe...thanks for listening....
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For methods of composition, you should check out Feng's 'Shot Design For Environments' DVD. The lessons on there can be applied to any kind of illustration work. I highly recommend that one

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Default continued the Iain McCaigs Visual Storytelling in to a short

Short film production would be a great dvd tutorial. but a 2 disk set , more like a 6-8 dvd set. this would be a massive undertaking for a tutorial (to make it).
but to make it easyer could they continued the Iain McCaigs Visual Storytelling and made a short of the little space mermaid . the char concept art and story are already done.
the othere way they could do it would be to use existing gnomon modles to make a short. so use sets digital environments DVDs for the set and the alien from the body modeling dvd as the main char.
so space a ship flys off away and throw the asteroid field (outerspace environments dvd) , cut to the space port from digital environments Workflow.
space ship lands and alien get out . and has to go throw customs , customs officer is say jester . alien has a funny problem at customs he has to overcome ect ect...
you get the idea. gnomon could have a contest for the short story to be used.

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