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Old 12-01-2007   #1
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Default DragonWings

Hello everyone,

@ the moment, I'm kinda busy with making a Dragon hybrid: Part dragon, part man, named "ManDrake"
But does anyone know's a GOOD! dragonwings tutorial URL for Maya 8.5?
I've seen a view poorly tut's, but no realistic convincing one's


Greetzz, Urmando

PS, here's also a drawing of mine, I use for reference
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Name:	mandrake_drawing.jpg
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Old 12-07-2007   #2
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I've never looked for any tutorials on that subject but here's some ideas.

Based on your drawing, the wings look very bat like. In the end, if you use that appearance, I don't think it will look very realistic as most viewers will consider that type of wing to be suited to a very small animal. Which is the opposite of what you're going for here I think.

My suggestion would be to go with a wing that is built like a birds wing. Imagine a eagle wing stripped of its feathers, you'll have a fairly large muscle in the front of it with a very thin skin fold stretching out from its back to the tip of the wing.

Another note. Who's going to be you're viewing base. American Ideology has influenced a core part of the Western world to associate a Dragon as being very Dinosaur like in appearance. However Old world representations show them as being very serpent like without wings, in fact looking very much like a Bald version of the flying dog from "The Neverending Story." However by your concept it's probably the Prior ideology. In which case Dinosaurs are very birdlike in stature anyways, so a thicker wing would be better representative of what you want. Adapt a large bird wing into a more reptilian appearance with scales and more of a webbing appearance. Look at reference images of a crocodiles foot for ideas on what a reptilian wing's webbing would look like.

So I'd say start with a bird tutorial if you are looking for a tutorial and experiment once you get to a point where you can break away from it. Best way to learn in my opinion is to break away and do it on your own. Tutorials will give you a good foundation, but you wont learn what really works for you until you teach yourself how to problem solve issues that will come up when you dont have a tutorial in front of you. Anyways best of luck with your Mandrake. I like the look of your concept sketch.
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Old 12-09-2007   #3
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Wink Bird wings

ThanX Vicktorious,

Your suggestion helpt me a lot to become aware of an anatomical right looking dragon wing. I'm even redoing my character with front and side drawings for the imageplanes.
Stay tuned, I might turn this thread into a w.i.p.....
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Old 01-08-2008   #4
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Default subsurface scattering

hey man i read about ur dragon , after making all of ur adjustments and finishing the whole thing , its gonna be cool if u used skin shader to add scattering to the wings and make them look realistic , so i recommend downloading alex alvarez free tutorial on skin shader it's beautiful and contains good info , anyway good luck with ur dragon hope to see it soon
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Old 02-06-2008   #5
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Hi guys

Just read this thread and wondered if anyone has come across any bird tutorials, I'm about to start a project which requires a realistc bird (kind of a raven) and I'm struggling at the moment
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Old 02-06-2008   #6
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hey SX_DUDE jejejeje i just read your quote and remembered the famous pixar animation of the small birds and then a huge blue bird on telephone wire.... wanna know how they got the feathers to look kool and animate them?.... jejejej you're gonna kill me when i tell you.... they modeled every one of them.......... like 100 and something if ?'m not wrong... jejejeje dude that's a lot of duplicating and adjusting your model... just if you're interested... do the rest of the bird normal, like withought any feathers and then model the feather and use clusters to help you out... that's what i would do to make it look really nice and you can get nice realistic touches... try lookin at some photo refs of feathers...

hope it helps
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Old 03-01-2008   #7
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Default ManDrake, till so far...

Hi guys,

Here's little update from ManDrake Mesh, still working on the Wings...
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Name:	ManDrake 09.jpg
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Name:	ManDrake 11.jpg
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Old 05-25-2008   #8
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Default find them without fault

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