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Default selling models over the internet

hey guys , i just wanted to know about selling models over the internet , is it worth the effort ? i see lots of sites that allow u to sell ur own models , and i thought to give it a shot , but i wanted to know if anyone had tried it before ? and whats the most wanted models ? vehicles ? characters ? ,
thanks for ur time , cya
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I havent done it to be honest, but I dont think its worth the effort to do it just on purpose
Here is why:
if you sell your model more than or as expensive as the price it would cost to someone else to model it .. who would buy your model??
Now if you sell it less expensive, you are losing money... you better find a modeler job and be paid the good price instead of wasting your time making and selling half price models
Most of the models you see on those websites are probably old models that served their purpose long time ago and are not needed anymore..
just my thoughts ^^

The good point tho, is that once you 've made one model, you may sell it many times

Good luck!
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I'v heard that char models rarely sell because of style (chars for a project all have to be the same style.)
Photo real vehicles are supposed to sell more, but good luck finding a car that hasn't been molded yet.
Props sets are supposed to sell like dishes, cups, lamps, chairs, the boring stuff.
Its not a way to make a living but it can bring in abit of cash from time to time.
Be competitive but don't undercut everyone and sell to cheap.
Also it might take a years before you sell that model so the more models you have the better.

This is what i found out when i looked in to it from reading different forms ect..
This is not my personal experience as i have never sold models this way.

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