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Portfolio Review Share your work for constructive criticism from us and the community

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Default Portfolio Critique needed

Hi everyone! Here is my situation: I'm currently an illustration major in art university, looking to break into film, gaming or comics. My school didn't teach me much about the fundamentals needed for a concept artist, storyboard artist or anything pertaining to the jobs I want to be in. I don't want that to hold me back and let my portfolio might suffer, so I'm really trying to improve so any help is needed, here is my portfolio:

Also, If you have any recommendations on what drawing and painting exercises i should be doing daily to improve my core skills faster and also to keep motivated, don't hesitate to let me know.

AND, because the school I go to is cheap, I can use the money I saved for workshops, any good ones you know? Both online and local is good (I'm in Toronto, Canada btw)
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Default Critique

My question is: What do you want to do? You purely want to do 2D concept work? Environment or character or UI? If the answer to all of them is yes, then just adding more QUALITY work to the portfolio would help. If you want to specialize, I would really focus into one of those categories.

Environment- You have a unique color and realism style. I see this mainly being used in children to young teen books. If you bring in a bit more detail and finish the renderings, you might be able to broaden that view to other genres too. Work on less... bright color choices to show off your versatility.

Character Design- Watch your anatomy. Your more realistic and anime character boards have some head size and pose anatomy problems, but otherwise your concepts are varied and versatile. Your cartoon pieces seem your strong suit. Give more variety in the types of cartoons and more examples of your work on them (maybe give time frames for how long they took to create?)

UI- Watch your margins some of the padding seems off. Wacky Water World is a great illustration, but the color choices in the play button seem to hide it in the coral a bit. I would also love to see a little more or less framing (bubbles) around the title. This seems like an obvious layer on layer area. Either make the title come out of the bubbles more prominently, or envelop it in the bubbles fully. Overall, your UI work needs some graphic design tweeks.

Storyboarding- Your storyboard section shows off your art skills and versatility very well. The only thing I would look into is the tools (like camera arrows and direction) that storyboarders (made up a title maybe?) use. Here is a quick summary of some tools used.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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