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Default Help Please : Zbrush


Currently I was working on a few tutorials. Trying to get back into the swing of 3D modeling and Zbrush. However I have run into a few issues.

1. Sometime during the process of modeling something somewhere messes up. Either it is my program. Or an operator error, which is the more probable reason of the two. During sculpting and using the move brush suddenly I am no longer able to edit or modify my project.. Instead when I bring the cursor and click it produces another replica of my base.
Am I accidentally hitting a button somewhere or a setting, something?

2. When he does his Zremesher his has a form of like a wire frame.

while mine kind of blends in and is hard to see, at least for me it is.

3. While following the tutorial DVD my settings/view of certain things are different. I know this is of course possibly due to personal settings and the likes. My question here is this. How does one get the Masking and have the different colors for the different masks? Like seen here from Maarten Verhoeven's Sculpting a Dragon.

When I attempt to do masking it is just a Darker orange area and then when I hit the group mask as he shows for the poly-grouping in the tutorial it just inverts my selection. Is there a setting for this or am I just doing it wrong? If doing it wrong how should it be done?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. ;~;
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Hello Dhampyre,

I'll see if I can help you on these issues you've mentioned. I haven't done much 3D in a while so hopefully I can be of some/little help.

Your #1 question:
Basically what's happening is you're pressing a hotkey(T) that turns you (Off) editable mesh, there's a little button on your top left of your screen assuming you did not edit your User-Interface modes in Zbrush. If that button is turned off then every click will draw your model on canvas. If that issue happens Just follow these:
-Toggle Edit-mode back on
-Drag the model back on canvas
-Press CTRL + N to remove artifact of old drawn model which may/may-not have been placed on canvas.

Your #2 question:
You have to toggle on Polyframe, it's on your rightside taskbar, under move/scale/rotate. I believe there is a hotkey for this but I have not entered Zbrush in a couple of months so I forgot it.
(Tip - If you want to Hotkey any toggle option to your own specific button simply press [Ctrl + Alt + click on Icon/brush/anything you wish to hotkey)

Your #3 question:
I'm sorry, I do not completely understand your problem. To mask you must press Ctrl and brush along your surface. After using Group-masked it will mask your group aswell as invert your mask, perhaps it is a bug, but have no worries - It still did GroupMask your object. To see it you must enable Polyframe.

I hope I was of some help. If you have any other questions about Zbrush, feel free to Add me on Skype: A3.Adam.
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Anything is appreciated and of some help in my opinion as long as there is possibly a solution. Even if it is not the answer to the current issue at hand, I am positive I will do it later by accident. DX

1. I will give this a try today when it does it. I had it do that to me like. Maybe 15 times yesterday so I ended up just rage quitting and stepping away before I was at the mind set of not returning to it.

2. Okay!
Though... When i toggle on poly frame mine... gets... Brighter? Like... It suddenly almost becomes dark neon orange. Is there a way to change this?

3. YAY! I think it was a glitch last night with the software. I tested it today making sure the polyframe was one and it worked just fine!

Thank you so much for the help so far. MUCH appreciated!
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