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Portfolio Review Share your work for constructive criticism from us and the community

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Default Concept/2D Artist Portfolio

Portfolio link:

I'm finally trying to break in to the industries, be they movie or video-game, but it's proving to be very difficult I must admit. No doubt the recession is kicking my ass, as is the fact that generally only larger video-game companies employ specific 2D Artists yet since they're larger companies they demand previous experience (catch-22 situation is awesome -.-).

As for the movie industry, well I'm not completely sure how to even pierce into it if I'm honest - pretty much all of it, at least for the purposes I'm following, is found in the US so that places me at an immediate disadvantage.

I've applied for a few jobs but nothing yet - I'm wondering if it was my portfolio which is why I've come here to ask for feedback!

Thanks in advance
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heya! I'm officially a fan of your environments, they look really good! great color sense and grasp of lighting the only thing i would have to critique on those at first glance is that, with a few exceptions, they all look rather 'tight' fit into the dimensions of the frame, not alot of room to breathe. maybe that's because i'm just looking at some older works of yours, because there are pieces, like the oasis wastland, that really give depth and breath to everything. obviously in an enclosed area, that's not going to be as easy, but it should still look as if there is a variety of size differences between objects in the space to give the feeling that not everything is the same size, and hence more room.

as to your character designs, while having a lot of detail is a good thing to think about, it's nothing without a good structure/foundation to come off of. i'm not trying to sound pretentious or anything, so i apologize if it comes off that way since this is something i struggle with too, but i really think that you could benefit from more anatomical studies of the figure and some dynamic figure drawing. it'll give your work that much of an extra 'oomph' and that MUCH more of a basis on which to build your concept on.

the details of all your armor is running a bit too wild though. the filigree and and inlays are all nice touches, but i think that they are overwhelming your concept and actually make really difficult to look at and take in. pull back on them a bit and make them more subtle. imho, the phrase 'less is more' i something i try to keep in mind, and i think that it'll help you too.

hope this was what you were looking for
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I totally agree with Lalali regarding your character work. Tone down the structure/thorn-like designs and focus on more drama in character posture and simplicity in the designs.
As for your environments I really like them a lot. The Crepusculix degisn is on par with the best designers around (Ryan Church, James Clyne etc) when it comes to depth, atmosphere and lighting.
I agree with Lalali, that your environmenst sometimes feel like they need to be less "tight" and more "open" and "airy". Perhaps you should try making looser sketches where the main focus is drama, atmosphere and overall feeling - and less emphasis on perfection in the execution.
I think that would make your environments even more dramatic.
Last but not least: You´re very talented, so PLEASE keep up the good work. I am sure we will here a lot more of you in the years to come.
Good luck, and hope this is of some help.
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