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Portfolio Review Share your work for constructive criticism from us and the community

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Default help! do you like to give mne some feedback for my portfolio ?


short way: here is my website prototype

long way: read the text

since over a year i try to build a digital portfolio in form of a website. iam no webdesigner. i hope the website explain herself and everybody understand my priority and secondary and all. i hope hte site intruduce me in many ways and hopefully make at least some impression. favorable a positive i like to work with that guy, but even when is shot how trash, bad and shit everything is

i want to intruduce myself as a 3D artist for games, showing my skills with zbrush, 3ds max, substance and so on.

i want to show that making 3d art for games is a passion and that it is a dream to be part of game development as 3d artist.

i wanto to show, that i master the basics and that i can meet expactations.

i wanto to show my personal side as well because i ahve more to offer then just beeing a working robot, iam also an artist and personal projects, silly stuff and not finished stuff is also part of my 3d life. i think it deserve to be recognized but i wanto to focus on whats the industrie expecting from a 3D artist for theyr game on the first expression.

i want to use my website to show my full engagement and versatility of my 3D life, a visitor can explore and mybe learn a bit about me.

at the same time i want to lead the visitor to focus diferent things beside all other stuff.

my primari focus is:

-show that iam able to create a 3D model from concept to a game ready textured piece of art, meeting artistic and technical expectations.

-i want to focus my strengths and my main working field and that is armors, shields , weapons, fantasy, medieval, leather, cloth , metal. second is hard surface modeling robots.

my secondary focus is:

-i also want to show that iam a dedicated to game art, 3D modeling, gaming and growing ,that aim selfmotivated, a self tought learner, experienced artistic and technnical problem solver, self organized, keep my self up to date and that i love the multicultural teambuilding and working with all inlfuences existing in this beautiful world and also, that iam a human who is not perfect. also if i can i want to express that i have quite some experience in handling diferent situations and people like: working with professionals, amateurs, newbes, no artist at all, people with no skills and people who dont know what they want, people who know to much what they want, passive, agressive, stressed people and people who constantly go over boarders beeing assholes and people who underestimate themselfes. i have experience in following rules meeting technical specifications and expactations even if iam not familiar with these techniques , that iam comunicative and courius what other artist do all in favor of creating the best possible piece of 3D art for the project . i know that iam part of the team adn that the project is not my projectso i can live with other opinions about art and technique. but also iam able to show limits, talk about critique, that i can visualize and express visions and ideas to other with language or pictures and anything i have.

ok now what i have in mind for my website , whats done and not done:

my intro cover show whats inside the portfolio and i hope

my very first seen picture is the most important focus i want the visitor to have
i call it the first impression. on first impression i want the visitor to be courious enough to klick further and hopefuly visite the other parts of the website to meet me and other stuff and maybe hire me.

if a visitor is interestied enough from looking at the very first pictures they can know experiene more, or can imediatly talk to me.

if the website is good enough i want to create character most likely from scratch and place it in the first impression section right after the intro site. the model should show skill, basic bust hardened artistic skills like proportions, how to distribute big, medium and smal and micro details details over a model. and so one. tehs rest is there.

thank you for reading till here,now. now your part if you want to.

first. tell me abnout your first impression, that is the most important thing above any other detail or thing.

i hope you have some feeback to either strengh my concept or critiuqe it.
size of the font ok? is the user interface adaptable , easy to understand?
to much information to little the wrong ionformation.
picture quality to low? website loading to long.
annoying stuff, missing stuff, too many.

what ever you have in mind, tell me. tell me from experience or from a hiring perspecitel
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Awards Showcase

Default my first feedback from a friend


i showed my wesite to a friend and wanted to share that feedback and what i gonna change on my website.

i saw that quite a few people were looking in this thread but no reply.

please people, this is impoertant for me, i cant do this without some honest feedback..

ok, he represent a very normal user.. open, but not so motivated reading and clicking everything. thats perfect, because when i , as creator watch my own site, i click and read everything and enaything. his very normal perspective showed me a lot of cool things and how i can further lead the visitor to my goal, getting a hired.

intro website:

he said he just read the name smartinius and 3d artist. then the blue button appeared and he imidiatly presst enter. that means he didnt even read the smaler text benath the name.
i gonna wait a longer until the button appear, so the visitor will read the index and also i gonna show a timer, wich indicates 5 seconds til something happens. maybe the website start automatically to the mainframe. honestly from my gutts. i should just leave all that an focus on my name and 3D artist, maybe just say that this is my portfolio. i think, if a user want to see my stuff but have to wait to long or even is forced to wait until something interesting happens, he will not even enter the mainframe. another way is, to produce interest and mood upfront, in a way, the mindset of the visitor is kinda artificial focused fitting to the first impression he will experince. damn that sounds complicated and i dont know if thats comftable. anyway.

second thing is, he very liked the first impression site.he said, everything was big and he liked the model and after seeing that he was even motivated to click further. he waited for 2 or tree outomatic slides and then lost interest, becasue it was to slot and just clicked to the end. that tells me, that i gonna need 2 or maximum or 3 very exelent pictures with exceptional visual impression. thats it. since the picture was very big he did not feel the motivation click on the picture to enlarge them. sadly, i wanted to show text that way, so i have to find another way to place text. i asked him, if he would even read text? and he says yes. so text seems ok. i asked him if he saw the audio button? and he said yes but clicked it just ion the second walktrought. that i understand. i have audio on websites myself and i would not press it too. so i sadly have to live with that and cant focus on audio. i think i gonna change the audio to a text impression. audio will be a topic but another way.

also he saw the the other website topics on the top monitor border and he also clicked it. interstingly in order from left to right. he said, that he does it always on other sites. thats good, because i want the visitor feel compftable even with my custom terms like "first impression = home or mainsite or so" or who is this guy? = contact, impessum".

he was done with first impression and clicked art galerie. my intention was to show others models and variey and that iam an active modeler.. hes was bored, it was to much, there was nothing intersting for him ebcasue all was to many pictures, low quality, and chaotic. he did not enjoy this part and clicked further.

atelier was empty anyway but i think i gonna outsource it to another website or i kinda create just a link at the end of my website. so i gonna delete this part.

now he said that he was intereste in the award section. he said that he was most interested in and would have even spend more time here if there were more content to explore!. awesome! i keep that in mind.

next was the point projects. at this point his concentration was actually away, he couldnt even remember that he was in this section. so i need to keep that in mind, that the website is not to big for a portfolil.

he was happy to expecting some sort of the last site f the presentation the "who is this guy?"
after many information he was actually intrested what gonna happen next and put all last motivation together to have a look. he said it would have been cool if there were more information about myself, even audio and of course test. beside the first impression pictures this part of the portfolio was most importatn for him, to meet the person behind that.

so some other ideas. i actuall planed to create some detailed workflows and steps to the final procducts in the atelier section but its to much so i decided to produce a demo reel video with exactly that information. i many times heard that people are not only interested in the final product, but if the first impression got theyr attention they want to know how i did this. an thats natural,i like that too.

maybe i try to let the visitor rest a bit and let him make a pause when he finally clicked the who is this guy button. i wanto to try to make a little animation with the text. "in the next 2 minutes you gonna see a video about myself and a bit of my workflow and sutff like that. then the video starts automatically. music choice is calm and very mainstream so no special flavor. i want excelent audio, no webcam sound and interesting pictures. maximum 2 minutes. if that idea is succesfull, that would be awesome but plan b is just to make an ordinary picture, who whre how whatever.

thank to my budy and thanks for reading. if you like to leave a comment to give me feedback or maybe some ideas or just participate in my journey, i very apreciate any form of atention. maybe you can learn from that as well.

my the brush be with you.
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Default my thoughts

You have a great start on your portfolio. There are 2 types of portfolios, one is for professional use and one for general use. The one you have posted looks to be a general use portfolio. (still looks good tho)

Tips for professional portfolio :
1: Put up your best work only. This is important, if your not 100% happy with it, they wont be either.

2: Be specific. example - If you want to get a job 3D modeling, then put up your best models. If you want to be a concept painter then throwing in pictures of models probably wont help you.

3:15 second rule. Make sure they see the best in 15 seconds, do not make them search for it. Studios get tons of portfolios , so they go through them quick. If they have to search through tones of images or have to watch 5 min video your likely to get passed up.

These are some basic tips for professional portfolios, also check out some other portfolios and get some great ideas.

For General use portfolios, anything really goes. This is where you will post works in progress and all your models, paintings, rigs, animations, ect. You still want it to look good because this is where your followers will go to keep up with you. Dont forget to use all your social media, such as twitter, facebook, and instagram just to name a few.

Hope this helps,,
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