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Senor Alex
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Default September, 2015: The Descent

HI all...

This month's theme is clearly open to a wide range of interpretation. Imagine you are illustrating a book cover for a book titled 'The Decent'... yet the subject of the book is up to you to describe. When posting your work, include a brief synopsis of what the book is about. Beginning any piece with a short sentence or paragraph describing the narrative of the story is always a useful way to get inspired for ideas, especially for personal work where 'the job' isn't dictating the parameters.

Good Luck!

edit: Winners Announced!

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Alex Alvarez
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Alex Maia
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Pretty good theme, this one gives a wide range of ideas to be explored. Good luck everyone!
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Default The Descent - contest entry

Hello everyone. I heaven't been here for a long time but I would like to participate this month. So... I'll start with this sketch:

Far from perfect but I think it captures my idea.

As for a background story, I have something like this in the back of my head:

They say a strange stairs appears when you come closer.
Some say that there are great treasures down there...
Many tried to rich them, no one came back to tell the story.
So... you can try if that is your wish. But be warned - the stairs leads down. Only down...


this is my final image:

Great entries everyone! I hope you had as much fun during the challenge as I had . Good luck to all!


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Awards Showcase

Default Descent

An alternative history of white man invading north America. The story is told from the perspective of native Indians. They continued with their daily lives, while suddenly mysterious iron birds started descending on their home land.

Here is a link to a time lapse:

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Default the descent

Here's my entry, I don't know if it fit the contest, because I went with a simpe book cover design.

Synopsis :
A man sold his soul to gain supernatural power. But when he realize he needed that soul to love the girl he loves, he goes to hell to take it back.

Thank you for reading and good luck to everyone !

(sorry for the large image, I don't know how to fix it.)

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Awards Showcase

Default The Descent

Hey guys, this is my submission for the descent book cover.

higher res+thumbnail sketch here :-

Brief description:-

A great blizzard has eradicated human's existence from the planet. Earth.. now a frozen wasteland, is a mere skeleton of its former self. With only few survivors left to tell the story of mankind's descent, a glimmer of hope shines in the most unlikely of places. Remains of a lost civilisation are found within a great crater, and within it..signs of life. With nothing left on earth's surface to ensure man's survival, the only option is to descend, and uncover the secrets of the below..

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Awards Showcase

Default The Descent

Would have loved to noodle this more but time was short. Tried to capture the look and feel of an old Jules Vern book cover.

"Driven by his insatiable thirst for treasure- Admiral Smith sets out on a quest to find the Black Pearl and face the unknown dangers of the deep. Dive into the depths of the seas in this 'lost novel' written by Jules Vern… if you dare! MU-HAHAHAHAH!"

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Awards Showcase

Default The Descent

Hi Guys!

Nice to meet you, anyway here is My submission for this month's contest, The Descent.

the attached Image is the front cover, and on the back cover is illustration, with small words(in the dead middle of the cover)

"We're here boys!"
as they hear a cheers and splendid applause from their radio.

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Name:	gnomon september the descent 3.jpg
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Hi everybody

Synopsis / Claire is a seventeen junkie teenage who left home at the age of twelve, in her last days of life she meets Alice, a young problematic rich lady from Zurich who inherited her grandfather fortune and in her quest for adventure goes into the depths of Prague's slums. They begin an intense romance that leads to meet the worst pimp in Europe, a man who comes from an ancient family that sealed a pact with demons during the dark ages and who should cover a debt to the underworld.
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Name:	TheDescent_Cover_Mongo.jpg
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Default 'The Descent'

My contest submission for September 2015: 'The Descent'-

My character is a shape-shifting creature that travels within the thoughts & frequencies of various lifeforms. Some may call her The Muse. Others may call her a Siren, like the mythological Mermaid.

She is able to tap into the essence of any living creature and extract its energies.

In her natural state, she has semi translucent skin which glows. She can generate electrical currents and paralyze anyone who tries to touch her; a trait she adapted from the Jellyfish. She has the ability to change her arms into tentacles which she uses for climbing as well as to absorb the frequencies of life forms in her environment. She can be a healer OR a killer, so be careful or she will descend upon you and carry you into the depths of madness like the Sirens of the seas.

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Name:	ginger-woods-the-decent-spetember2015-gnomon-paideia-productions.jpg
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