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3D images Add your best 3D images: Maya, Max, Zbrush, etc

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Old 04-04-2007   #101
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I have high respects to the judges because for sure, they are the authorities in the field but yeah I kinda agree with oracle, no elaboration needed.

Anyway, congrats to everyone for doing a great job! And waugh, I think you rock!
I liked zerorhythm's too. Thing is, you need to put up a finished work, man! Hope to see you post your textured pet here someday.

Another job well done to everyone and to Alex! Respect.

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Congrats to all the winners!
The suspense in the end was terrible
It must be a hard job indeed, but all in all I think the selection was great... killer pets
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I would imagine the judges have their own criteria, their own preferences just like everybody else does. I know I wouldn't want the task of having to choose a winner from all of these amazing artists.

For my part, I'm just appreciative that they are so willing to even offer such a contest. We're talking about $4000.00 in prizes here. The last thing I'm going to do is start challenging their rulings.

Better luck next time.
Cartoon Ink
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Awards Showcase


Hey everyone! Sitting here very shocked and excited right now!

First off... huge thanks to Alex for running this awesome contest and a very big congratulations to all participants. Everyone's work was so creative and personal... it was a delight to behold. My favorites had a sense of scale or told a story, two things which I regret not having time to include in my image.

Oracle: I agree with the late entry note... sorry about that. I think it was midnight PST when I posted, but I really have no idea what the rules are with respect to timezones!

But I think you are making an important point about last minute entries... this is a community forum contest, and it's a lot more sporting to post one's entry early so you can participate in critiques and give people a chance to see what you are upto. Ironically enough I was getting ready to post a version when I saw gregp's entry and I figured I had better go back to the beginning...

Thanks again to everyone and kudos!
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Hi all...

Waugh! So here is the story... When I went through the threads and pulled all of the images, for some reason your image did not load and we never saw it! Only once I saw the comments about your image today that I looked through the thread and this time your image did load.... very cool indeed.

Since the judging is over I can't go and change placement, so I'd like to offer you a deserved prize... let's call it 7th place then and you can get a DVD.

email Lily Feliciano,, and I will notify her of your win!

congratz again to all.

Alex Alvarez
Founder/Director, Gnomon
personal site:
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It is good of you guys to put up some contact info as well, some of last months winners were giving up hope

Gratz to all involved, some very nice work produced
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Can't you guys build some rules for the postings of final images or something ?
This way it will be easy for you to hunt final images down and the problem of not displaying images will be evaded ?

Like in this bulgarian forum when you post a final image it is required to make an additional "code" or "quote" writing like this :

Artist name : Alex

Image :
Software : Maya
Artist name : Alex

Image :
Software : Maya
I see the "code" thing will not work good here

Ah well
Maby coloring a link or something
Figure it out
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Awards Showcase

Default so when is the next contest starting?

Great work everyone. looking forward to this months contest. When does it start
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Awards Showcase

Default Attn Alex... Re image issue

I tried to pm this to you Alex but you're full

Hi Alex, I just want to say thanks firstly for all you've done and continue doing for all who wish to learn cg :beer: Cheers

Also, I noticed your post to waugh and just wanted to make sure that my image loaded and was judged among the others in the challenge as it was on the same page as his...

I'm definitely not after a prize, I just want to ensure that my entry was effective so that I know whether or not to use the same posting method next time...

Does this look familiar?

Again.. Humble thanks for all you do, your work reaches so many


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Wow, very cool of Alex to do that.

I thought alot of the posts this month were great, especially in the 3d forum. Also, what was really inspiring is that the posts that weren't so great still showed huge improvements. Congratulations to all who participated.

I think the amount of 3d submissions were much higher than normal this round because of the topic, I hope to see more subjects like this in that respect.

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