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Default Zombie Ram

Alex this one based on your theme idea. I tried to learn from my past mistakes, made sure everything done in 3D. No post effects, No logos or Trademarks of any kind on the image. Made sure drink cup is named as a- cola instead of coke and exter Tshirt instead of Dexter.

Its 21st century they will obviously not find a medieval battering Ram, but have to improvise and use something easily available, like bus or a truck. Thought of using a crane with huge iron ball, but that would make it a catapult and not ram.

Hope you like the whole concept.

January 27, 2014 Los Angeles, California. There has been a weird zombie attack on the outskirts of the city. A bunch of infected zombies allegedly drove a bus as a battering ram into a secure barricade, astonishing the scientific community, which claims that zombies do not have intellect. The security officer at the barricade who went to fetch a drink while the incident occurred, retorted " Zombie attack in broad daylight, who could have imagined that? "

In last one year after the RAGE Virus outbreak, infecting 60% of the human population and initiating the modern era's Apocalypse, this the second time these half human creatures have shown unique adjustment. There were sightings of Zombies during dawn and dusk and now this attack proves they are capable of enduring direct sunlight. US President "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger said " This unique mannerism of Zombies is alarming and we need to take some immediate steps to prevent future attacks". He however refused to comment on the questions regarding any potential usage of nuclear weapons on the high density infected regions.

All the mock ups and work flow screenshots on my site

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