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Nice little animations, here were my thoughts:

The first one started out good, though he seemed to move his staff a little rapid and high. He looked like a tired, depressed man with a spinal condition. However, the animation suddenly took a different tack as he seemed to be startled, and all the sudden lithe and upright. Having him register surprise in a slower and more physically broken manner might have been more consisted.

The spell animation was fine itself, other than the part where the hands weirdly vibrated - unless that was meant to be part of the spell. However, it seemed like a different character than the first mushroom man. Slow to fast, depressed to confident, etc.

The first couple of seconds with the Troll were a nice jump and landing. An agile Troll would be scary! The vibrating hands for anger were odd, both physically and for conveying the emotion. Hands don't vibrate like that, unless it was some sort of spell? Clenching and unclenching fists, flexing muscles, punching the ground, hitting the wall, pumping one fist into the air, beating chest, ripping a goblin in half (j/k) - all might be better for anger. If he trembles in anger, it should have an effect over more of his body.
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