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Default Contest Info... Read Me!

Welcome to the Gnomon Workshop community gallery contest...

We have launched a small forum to allow our community the opportunity to share their work. These are not critique or discussion posts, but purely the sharing of artwork produced via traditional or digital means.

Every month we will select four winners from the 2D and 3D categories (eight winners total), who will receive up to one full year of access to the Gnomon Workshop subscription library (worth $499!).


Simply post examples of what you consider to be your most accomplished work in the forum thread. At the end of each month we will choose our favorite images which will then be announced in the forum. The first place winner will One Year of access to The Gnomon Workshop library, second place Six Months, third place Three months and fourth place One month. Winners will be contacted via the email address used at forum sign-up, the first week of every month.

Anticipated FAQ:

Q. What criteria are used to pick the winner? Well, this should not be seen as some sort of brutal competition. We love to see new artists emerge, and this seemed as a good way to give artists exposure, while rewarded them for their talents. The winners will be based on our judge's personal criteria.

Q. What if I already have a subscription? We will add time to your account. So, for example, if you have three months left of a one year subscription and you won 2nd place, we would add six months so that you would have nine months left.
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