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Default weapon mount pick up elk

hello, this mount is build around the idea using the antlers as some kind of shield while you ride the animal and iam with your gun. i thought a triangular armor design would fit, attached to the antlers. since i play "the surge" (pc game) a lot i was realy looking forward designing my own exoskeleton. so, there it is a elk with an exoskeleton. the third design component was, that i was thinking about these pick up trucks with an maschiene gun attached as a light recon/attack vehicle. yea. here it is my "pick up recon elk maschien gun mount". the render is straight out of zbrush. the only thing i did in photoshop was croping the image and lighten up the colores a bit, because zbrush tend to be very dark. thanks and may the brush be with you.

first picture is my submission.

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