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Default 'The Descent'

My contest submission for September 2015: 'The Descent'-

My character is a shape-shifting creature that travels within the thoughts & frequencies of various lifeforms. Some may call her The Muse. Others may call her a Siren, like the mythological Mermaid.

She is able to tap into the essence of any living creature and extract its energies.

In her natural state, she has semi translucent skin which glows. She can generate electrical currents and paralyze anyone who tries to touch her; a trait she adapted from the Jellyfish. She has the ability to change her arms into tentacles which she uses for climbing as well as to absorb the frequencies of life forms in her environment. She can be a healer OR a killer, so be careful or she will descend upon you and carry you into the depths of madness like the Sirens of the seas.

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