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Default [Request] Comic Book Illustrations for website

Hello. I'm designing a website concerning comic book creation. I'm looking for comic-book styled illustrations that exemplify a specific role in the illustration process:

(each illustration will basically function as a link for that 'role')
  1. Writer
  2. Penciller <-- Primary need
  3. Inker <-- Primary need
  4. Flatter <-- Found. Thankyou
  5. Colorist <-- Found. Thankyou
  6. Letterer

I quickly threw together a little graphic for each myself, but I would prefer to have a more professional representation of each role on the website. The characters would ideally be one you have the rights to/in the public domain. The illustration itself doesn't need to be a finished piece, just a great example.

This post is kind of a shot in the dark. Basically, I'm hoping someone has some old work lying around/in their portfolio they would be okay with me using; but any help would be very much appreciated and of course your name will be credited on the page. Thank you!

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