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Originally Posted by teddyadmassu View Post
Hi everyone,

I am sure you guys went through similar question as this one before and I feel bad to bring this up again. But, it is kind of important for me and I truly appreciate any suggestion.

I am shopping for a new computer specifically for Maya. I will be doing modeling for now and move on to animation later on. I know that Processor, Graphics card and Memory are the most important parts of the computer but what I don’t know is which one of these is the most important and which one is the second and third, for modeling in Maya?

The reason I am asking this is because I have a budget limitation and I want to prioritize the items so I can get the most out of the money.

My second question is that, is there a significant difference in performance between Dual Quad Core and Single Quad Core Xeon?

Thanks a lot for your time!!

I think the new Intel Core i7 cpus with high clock rate are very good. They also works like 8 core.

The alternative is AMD's 6 core processor which is same price with core i7 but comes with physical 6 cores.

There are methods to run game graphics card like it is FireGL or Quadro - they call it moding I guess. But as far as I know, even the most cheapest model of professional Quadro cards works faster with 3D applications than big gaming graphic cards.

If you want something particular, my personal choice would be something like this:

INTEL Core i7-950 D0 SLBEN, 3.06GHz CPU
FOXCONN Bloodrage GTI Mainboard
3 pieces of SAMSUNG M378B5273CH0-CH900 4GB RAMs
SAMSUNG HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive
PALIT PLT-GTX570-1280MB-SNC-PLT GTX570 Sonic Platinium Graphics Card

COOLER MASTER HAF Case + COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M700 700W Power Supply.

Hope this helps a bit...
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