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Default Revenge of the Emperor

I made pre-thumbnail sketches for this one to determine layout and lines, as I wanted everything to have an organic feel despite being in space. I tried to consider what would be the most important attributes of a space ninja - agility, blending into the environment, speed, silence, planning, etc. I tried to incorporate hints of the ninja's past as emperor, the battle in which he lost his title, and his quest for revenge.

He still wears the emblem of his people on his hip (this is actually a portable sword unit, a material that 'snaps' into place as a sword when flicked but otherwise rests inert in a circular holder.) He's arrived at a moon base ahead of the scheduled arrival time of the current false Emperor's ship. Will he succeed this time in killing the usurper?

Full view:

Detail shots:

And yes I realize I put the shadow of his bent leg in the wrong place. Pen is not forgiving... I'm pretty happy the floor came out looking 'reflective' like I was hoping though.
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