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This sounds like a lot of fun. I'm hoping to enter in the 2D caption--if I have enough time to properly finish an entry.

I have the same questions as Osakamitsu, along with the following:

1. If we submit an entry and later revise that piece of art, may we submit the revised entry before the contest ends?

2. I have no intention of using 3D in my entry, but for anyone who's considering it--is it forbidden to use original 3D graphics in your 2D entry?

3. If there are enough entries by the time September 30 rolls around, is there a possibility of there being Honorable Mentions? You know, three or four people get one DVD each, or something like that. Obviously, this won't be practical if only a few people enter.

Thanks for getting this started! I hope these contests really become a showcase for art much more impressive than mine.

EDIT: Ah, yes, two more things. Regarding the "can of worms" you mentioned, Mr. Alvarez--perhaps one or more future contests could be judged according to who seems like he/she would find the DVDs most useful. Not necessarily the worst entries, but those that seem like they have the most unfulfilled potential.

Item two: are we allowed to submit works that we've already completed, or are we required to create new pieces explicitly for this contest?


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