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Originally Posted by celiksert
***Gnomon is not "only a 3d visual effects" school. I'm Studying interior& environmental design for 4 years and I learnt more than the 4 years' experience from Scott Robertson's 2 DVDs. These ppl don't only teach the usage of programs or designing they give u SOUL !!
Yes. I am going to buy Scott Robertson's DVD's as well.

"The Techniques of Feng Zhu Volume 3: The Fundamentals of Shot Design for Environments" is a DVD has Painter listed as the "program used". If I was only looking for computer application tutalage, I wouldn't buy this DVD because I use Photoshop. But since I know that all of Gnomon's DVD go far beyond the "click here do that", I am going to buy this DVD to further my dream of matte painting and concept art.

Online tutorials give you an understanding of "how" but typically not "why". All of the DVD's I've purchased have explained methodology and concept.

Methods and concepts can be applied to other trades. I certainly have applied what I've learned from my DVD's to help out my day-job as a web-designer.
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