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Originally Posted by nomo81
Ok, its unfair, big deal !
Remeber one thing, gnomon its not the only school of visual effects, maybe one of the best, but not the only... all the people who want to learn some 3d and 2d skills, can do it!. the internet its full of tutorials for any software.
So .. Google its your friend. go and get it.
Well, we're talking about the DVD's and autodidactics who search for knowlege, not the Gnomon school itself.

And if you can show me one good pay tutorial site or even a number of tutorials on pay sites that has all the info that's just in one Gnomon DVD, I'll paypal you the money to buy a month's membership, or enough to buy some tutorials.

This caliber of info isn't on the internet. If it was, The Gnomon Workshop wouldn't be in business, and doing as good as they are.
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