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Default i know iam to late


i know its to late and i dont want this idea be judged. iam sorry i may break some rules. the reason i post this post competition, that i made a second zombie actually but was not happy with him and after 2 weeks i thought he deserves some attention.

i have no other place to post models of my own because i usually avoid posting private stuff, but here i feel comftable enough to even show private stuff.

i just dont want the idea rott and unseen on my pc like all the other stuff i made, you may understand that. so i hope i can give this idea a bit of attentions it might deserve.

do what you have to do with it. i apologize for any trouble i make with this decision.

thank you and also, i realy like your ideas and work for this competition. everybody has a unique but themed zombie creation. keep up the good work and wish you all the best .

i screwed the photoshop hard but left it half done.. damn, why am iam posting this garbage..

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