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Awards Showcase

Default The Gnomon best of the best.

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I really miss the days where the prizes were actual Dvds and you could get them shipped if you paid for the shipping costs but then it turned to download links and I miss that as well too, it was nice to have an actual collection I could hold onto and be proud of the work I did to earn it. Now it's down to just a subscription in which I don't really have a lot of time to sit down and go through, so the subscription just runs out of time and I haven't had a chance to see much of the great videos that are available and in the end I have very little to show for my efforts.
I'm not saying bring back the Dvd's or links even. I'm just saying the incentive isn't as great anymore, maybe instead of just a monthly, in addition there could be a Grand Prize each 6 months based on previous winners and voted on by the forum users and the judges, it's kind of like a raffle but a raffle where the user has to do work to get into and in the end it is voted based on the quality of work, popularity, technical aspect, the art style, etc. This I could see attracting a lot more entries and also boosting up the quality of work as well. But again this is just a suggestion and something to try and spice things up once in awhile. The prize could be something Tangible like an actual Award, a 3D printed award that looks similar to the 2D emblem awards we get on our profile. That would mean so much more than just dvds, videos etc. It doesn't even need to be a grand prize but could be an automatic award for those who achieve 1st place 5 times or 10 times to show our loyalty and commitment to Gnomon in general. I would go nuts to have a Physical award, even if it was half a foot high or shorter, as long as it was shiny and was indicative of the effort, time, quality, etc that went into receiving it.

At the private school I worked at for 5 years and would have been 10 years or more but I fell very sick/ill to a kidney disease and have spent the last 4 trying to recover. The school had awards given to instructors every graduating class and to the students as well. There were only 2 awards for the instructors, Best Instructor, and Best Class, and there were at least 40 instructors that were competing for each award voted by the graduating class and faculty. Getting a nomination was a huge honor and then winning was phenomenal. The awards were printed on a custom sheet of paper with custom graphics all encased in 2 rectangular hybrid glass/plastic pieces, bevelled and that made it shine and glisten in the light. Nothing over the top but something physical and looked great to reward the Instructor's year of hard work and dedication to his students and faculty. For me receiving both awards on one night meant the world to me and one of the reasons that kept me excited to come in and work every year I was there.

Sorry for my rant. Gnomon whenever I hear that name, to me it rings a bell instantly as top quality, the best of the best in every regard and as a long time user, viewer, contest winner, advocate, client, etc of Gnomon I want it to continue being the Greatest.
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