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Ok so got a lil update here.

I uploaded basically because i wanted to get some feedback on these wings before i go any further, that way if i get some bad reviews i can change it no problem. At first i kinda didnt like them cause they looked a lil old fashioned lookin, but now that i have a little color on them i'm starting to like them more. I have NOT started texturing them, just threw quick color on it, same goes for the belt, so there texture is def gonna be re-worked alot more. Also the pod things on his Shoulder blades r gonna be a bit bigger so that when the wings collaspe into the pods it's a lil more believeable. The wings look a lil funny right now too, but I'm sure once i pose him appropriately it'll look better.

I havent done much in terms of texturing the body, I removed all the lgiht colored black parts mainly because it was starting to look like the George Clooney batman in Batman and Robin, and I def dont want that look, so I'm going back to the drawing board and gonna think of something else to vary the suit more. I darkened the red lines, and only brightened some minor areas that might be lit up. If anyone has any ideas of how to vary up the suit texture, i'd like to hear

Also i took up alot of peoples crits on the boots and re-shaped them, I think they look better, hopefully people agree I also shrunk his overall height a tad as well, prolly not noticeable though :P

and heres the pose i want to do
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