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Grubber - thanks, i didnt make the top 75 though. I think it was due to my presentation shots, i kinda rushed them and the judges could prolly tell that. Oh well I tried and had fun.

inNate - YES! finally someone who likes the boot pointyness and actually knows why i made them pointy not much people seem to remember how frigin pointy they were in the show. I will be keeping them pointy, but i will def be re-ducing the frontal slant. thanks again bud cheers

GunValkyria - hey man dont feel bad, i'm hoping to hear these things, it only makes me a better artist to hear these things. The red line worked is being chagned to something else, and as for the face, I had alot of hard times with it during the Sculpt process, especailly about how to approach the mouth area. You wouldnt believe how many times I re-worked that frigin head, in the end it finally came down to an ultimate decision to have the suit cut off point at the top of his lips, which is kinda hard too see, because in the show it seems to cover his lips, which wouldnt make much sense, so i had to make a decision about that. Also as for the hard chisled edges I originally had alot, but i got quite a few critiques saying it was too much chiseled stuff so eventually i ended up smoothing things out and this was the outcome. Unfortunately going back to the modeling stage is just not do-able, well it is, but I'd hate to have to fix the UV-s, then re-bake all my maps not too mention re-texture everything. So ya modeling is kinda outta the question, unless there was a huge mistake. thanks again for the comments
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