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Originally Posted by tottiperrota View Post
if you have any kind of tip about the topology please post.
Hi Tottiperrota!

Your topology is rather correct, just make sure to have an even distribution of polygones.. (ideally your polygons should have a squarish shape, not very stretched rectangles) at the moment you have a bit too many edgeloops turning around the mouth compared to the rest and a bit too many connecting the nose to the upper lip... you also have an Ngon (polygon with more than 4 verts) under the eye.. if you care about topology, you should fix that..

But seriously.. topology doesnt matter for a still image you can just model the way you want for your picture. as long as the render looks ok, that 's fine
You could even make a cube very subdivided and use displacement maps..
but topology matters if you want to animate it later

Good luck
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