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Default help! do you like to give mne some feedback for my portfolio ?


short way: here is my website prototype

long way: read the text

since over a year i try to build a digital portfolio in form of a website. iam no webdesigner. i hope the website explain herself and everybody understand my priority and secondary and all. i hope hte site intruduce me in many ways and hopefully make at least some impression. favorable a positive i like to work with that guy, but even when is shot how trash, bad and shit everything is

i want to intruduce myself as a 3D artist for games, showing my skills with zbrush, 3ds max, substance and so on.

i want to show that making 3d art for games is a passion and that it is a dream to be part of game development as 3d artist.

i wanto to show, that i master the basics and that i can meet expactations.

i wanto to show my personal side as well because i ahve more to offer then just beeing a working robot, iam also an artist and personal projects, silly stuff and not finished stuff is also part of my 3d life. i think it deserve to be recognized but i wanto to focus on whats the industrie expecting from a 3D artist for theyr game on the first expression.

i want to use my website to show my full engagement and versatility of my 3D life, a visitor can explore and mybe learn a bit about me.

at the same time i want to lead the visitor to focus diferent things beside all other stuff.

my primari focus is:

-show that iam able to create a 3D model from concept to a game ready textured piece of art, meeting artistic and technical expectations.

-i want to focus my strengths and my main working field and that is armors, shields , weapons, fantasy, medieval, leather, cloth , metal. second is hard surface modeling robots.

my secondary focus is:

-i also want to show that iam a dedicated to game art, 3D modeling, gaming and growing ,that aim selfmotivated, a self tought learner, experienced artistic and technnical problem solver, self organized, keep my self up to date and that i love the multicultural teambuilding and working with all inlfuences existing in this beautiful world and also, that iam a human who is not perfect. also if i can i want to express that i have quite some experience in handling diferent situations and people like: working with professionals, amateurs, newbes, no artist at all, people with no skills and people who dont know what they want, people who know to much what they want, passive, agressive, stressed people and people who constantly go over boarders beeing assholes and people who underestimate themselfes. i have experience in following rules meeting technical specifications and expactations even if iam not familiar with these techniques , that iam comunicative and courius what other artist do all in favor of creating the best possible piece of 3D art for the project . i know that iam part of the team adn that the project is not my projectso i can live with other opinions about art and technique. but also iam able to show limits, talk about critique, that i can visualize and express visions and ideas to other with language or pictures and anything i have.

ok now what i have in mind for my website , whats done and not done:

my intro cover show whats inside the portfolio and i hope

my very first seen picture is the most important focus i want the visitor to have
i call it the first impression. on first impression i want the visitor to be courious enough to klick further and hopefuly visite the other parts of the website to meet me and other stuff and maybe hire me.

if a visitor is interestied enough from looking at the very first pictures they can know experiene more, or can imediatly talk to me.

if the website is good enough i want to create character most likely from scratch and place it in the first impression section right after the intro site. the model should show skill, basic bust hardened artistic skills like proportions, how to distribute big, medium and smal and micro details details over a model. and so one. tehs rest is there.

thank you for reading till here,now. now your part if you want to.

first. tell me abnout your first impression, that is the most important thing above any other detail or thing.

i hope you have some feeback to either strengh my concept or critiuqe it.
size of the font ok? is the user interface adaptable , easy to understand?
to much information to little the wrong ionformation.
picture quality to low? website loading to long.
annoying stuff, missing stuff, too many.

what ever you have in mind, tell me. tell me from experience or from a hiring perspecitel
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