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Default hello community! demoreel and hi

hello Gnomon community my name is kutay and i would like to share with you my demo reel and some other stuff ive been doing, any kind of construction or destruction is welcomed
little bit about me is my background is mathematics and i graduated very young from university (i was loving vertices since i was 17) and i think like most of us here i didnt sleep after i come across with my first 3d software and I decided to follow that path
7-8 months i was giving my full focus on modeling and texturing

here are my results.
I used maya and zbrush for modeling and rendered in Pixars Renderman, Comped with Nuke and photoshop mudbox for texturing

(vimeo videos are not showing so i put up screenshots and links)

Link to Demo Reel:

and another personal project

Turntable link:

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