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Default Gothic Beauty by David

So far most of my time has gone to research, there's a lot to see in Gothic art.
My idea is to mix a butterfly with the aspects of gothic cathedrals, and to show this "gotherfly" in an environment that shows the same style.
Here's my first photoshop sketch:

Before I got to this point I sketched different species of butterflies, to see which one would adapt better

My art history book came in handy to find some cool shapes. I considered making the body in the shape of a gargoyle, but that just wasn't working.

After looking at a billion butterflies i chose "the one" based on its wingspan silhouette, and managed to fit some stained glass designs in there:

So...I would love to hear what you guys think. This has been a lot of fun and luckily this month I have plenty of time.

Here are some of the things Im planning to do, tell me what you think:
- Very vertical layout, just like gothic art.
-Try to get some of the refracted caustics of the stained glass wings on the flower, thats the main reason i have the sun in the back.
-Im thinking the background should be blurry, simple and desaturated.

Thanks for your help!
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