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Here in Brazil is near 23:35h, here comes the second render; just in time after 10:55:55h rendering... The first one was rendered in 6:50h.
I think most people will prefer this one but the first is mine choice because is less explicit and more peaceful and mysterious.
I do this one to show better the displays design. Iím sorry because my control room is on stand-by modeÖ I hope in the near future make it on operation. I have some special plans to these workstations.
All was modeled in CAD software with solid modeler, less the lower section of the concrete structure done already with CAD but using only faces. I think most people here donít like or know any cad software but to do this complex geometrical parts like my displays is very utile because you can handle geometrical solids with extreme precision.
So, after modeled, I import and rendered it with mentalray using only one spot light and one HDRI map. Most of materials are standard mentalray. Iím not very happy with the concrete texture but think donít compromise the renderings. After all I use volume shade in the internal light to give some dense aspect and atmosphere to the render.
I can explain any aspect with detail if somebody asks.
Thatís it, I canít express in English my happiness because even donít happy and seeing some aspects to enhance the work is done in the free hours, in less than two weeks.
Good luck!
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