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Default Update! New Brushes Coming Soon!

I am in the process of making more clothing brushes. I will be making several new stitch brushes upon request If anyone needs anything clothing wise, such as a specific stitch (each stitch will be originally vector to get very high resolution images), type of fabric, or anything, let me know. This set might take quite a while to make. So keep an eye out!

And thank you very much everyone for your continuing support.

Also I will be starting my blog soon. You might have noticed I added a blog and tutorials section to my site. So those will be up soon.

And lastly; I would like to thank Phil Nolan - Modeler / Animator He has generously taken the liberty of converting them to 9 .PenPack files for use in 3D-Coat. So he sent them to me. Run over to the site and grab them if you would like. There is also a thread to follow on there as well.

Thanks again Phil!

And everyone else, keep an eye out for updates asap!

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