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Default Me again

Thanks a lot guys! this has been a fun project!

here's what has followed

-I realized that I couldn't throw a gothic butterfly in a regular environment, so I created brushes to make the trees and branches, and hopefully represent a tall, elegant cathedral:

So, the wings are basically the protagonists of this piece so I've been spending most of my time on those. it was easier just to use illustrator to vectorize my skecth, and then stack the effects on top.

Here's the stage when I figured all the gothic features I wanted to see in the anatomy, and tried blending modes to get the stained glass to look dirty:

I really wanted to see those colorful beams refracted as caustics on something in the foreground, so next to the flower I added some thorns, then I started cleaning up everything started getting it ready for post. I blurred the background since it is a closeup.

About lens flare:
They look nice on back lit images but I nowadays they're too common, so instead I tried something different:
Created a new layer with noise. after tweaking and filtering I added some lens blur and got some neat floating particles:

A couple of hours ago I did some color correcting leaning more towards the purple scheme. Also, adding some film grain made everything more integrated and look more like a photo.

And here's what I have at the moment. I'm pretty satisfied but I would really like to hear what you guys think before I actually submit, so thanks for your time and I would be glad to see some of your WIPS as well!

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