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Default blimb injection drone

hello, i posted my picture 2 times more then a week ago and ima concerned that my work, dont show up here. its just a few days so i have to do it a third time, becasue i dont know whats going on.

i was actually explaining whats my drone all about but i make it short this time.

1. name: blimb injection drone
2. purpose: remote controlled drone to inject substances in animals from save distance.
3. controls: its basicly a blimb technology so it just float in the air by gas filled ballon around the device. it has 8 little rotateable wings to go up, down, left, right and also can turn 360 degree in all directions, even upside down with no noise.
4. injection: the device has a little capsule filled with specific substances attached to a needle. when in close range to the animal, the capsule can be shoot remotly and inject the stuff inside the animal.

thanx for reading, may the brush be with you.

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