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Default Root Monster

Hello! I saw this yesterday and thought it would be fun, plus if you guys have feedback I'd love to hear it.

This monster is mainly a scavenger up until it reaches its highest form, then it becomes an active carnivore. The mushrooms on its back can grow back if plucked and is the 3rd form's main source of bait.
1st Form: The poor thing unfortunately is a tasty snack for those who can catch it! It feeds on dead/rotten flesh or growths, using it's small roots to drain the nutrients out of the object. If its eye happens to catch any signs of strange movement, the thing can easily detach and flee for it's life. On occasions, these little critters can be aggressive, but this only occurs when they are nearby a larger creature from its species. The little creatures take courage in their presence and swarm the enemy. As little and cute as they are, light 'em up with fire or run!

2nd Form: At this point, the creature knows how to work the system. Where it should scavenge for tasty morsels and how to avoid most predators. Its tendrils demand for a higher amount of food to feed itself as they rush to grow into a mature fly trap, which makes this creature constantly traveling to find meals and be a bit more clumsy as its body grows faster than it can adjust. If it knows there is food nearby, it will track it down and try to hog the meal for itself. If you ever need to recycle a corpse (animal, human, or otherwise), give it to this thing. I assure you, the body will be gobbled up by the end of the night.

3rd Form: At this point the creature has become large and unable to carry itself around like it used to. Planting its roots into the ground, and waiting for prey to nibble on its mushrooms or to investigate its rosy red traps, the plant monster begins to create it's territory, and aggressively fights and eats anything that enters it. Once it is satisfied that the area is secured and it can draw a constant source of food with it's bait, it begins to grow eyes (babies). Once the child matures enough, they break themselves from the creature and go out to fend for itself, though sometimes they stick around to eat mama's scraps (the danger in that is if mama doesn't find food and gets hungry, it might eat a child or two to feed itself).

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