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From Ghunda's diary

“Khalebur tribe had been fighting against the neighbouring villages for weeks.
And since the number of the victims was growing fast, too fast, the shamans decided to start a policy of “recycle”.
At night, when nobody was around, they chose among the corpses, the bodies of the youngest and strongest men who perished during the battle, and brought them to the Ancient Tree in Gundalla Forest.
At the bottom of the Tree there was a generous creek of resin where the heads of the bodies were soaked. After that, the corpses were gently placed on the ground so the shamans could start the complex ritual.
A space-time seal was summoned over the dead bodies and time was manipulated to transform the resin into a magical amber able to give the life back to the corpses. This special kind of amber, not only could bring back the spirits of the dead ones from the afterlife but also could give them a brand new body made of strong branches and covered in leaves, shrubs and small mushrooms.
A new army was ready for the war.

You cannot kill what's already dead..”

Here is my entry to the challenge!

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