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Originally Posted by GTpix View Post
Hi Dregoloth,
if you work on Photoshop, try to paint your black on a greyscale picture, with black only. And then, when it is finished, copy-paste the final face onto your RGB picture.
The problem, on RGB and CMYK pictures is that the black (shortkey "d" in Photoshop) is a deep black, containing some cyan, magenta and yellow informations with the black.

Sample1: when you create a deep black to white gradient in CMYK, the grey values on this gradient seem to be yellow. That's because the % of the cyan, magenta and yellow included in the black are not the correct.

I will say that: only paint on the black channel, or work on a greyscale picture and copy-paste this on a RGB picture. Hope it is clear and hope It helps you.
I work in gimp, however, if what you say is true (which I'm sure it is) I know a guy who would let me use his coppy of photoshop for coloring
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