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lsdhillon 07-25-2009 05:01 AM

How to assign shortcuts to .... in 3ds max
How do I assign shortcuts to

# increasing/decreasing meshsmooth/turbosmooth levels

# Inset

# bevel

# shortcut for 'shortcut override toggle'

Thanx in advance

openstheway 08-02-2009 11:18 AM

shortcuts - hotkeys
I think you should be able to assign any hotkeys you like to any function via the customize tab and then customize user interface, the keyboard. simply highlight the option or function and then highlight the hotkey box and assign whatevery key combination you like.

Hope that helps :)


aka Openstheway:)

lsdhillon 08-02-2009 19:06 PM

Yup that helped but these two still missing

# increasing/decreasing meshsmooth/turbosmooth levels

# shortcut for 'shortcut override toggle'

more help appreciated

openstheway 08-04-2009 05:29 AM

shortcut keys
you would need to assign a keyboard shortcut to the 'override toggle' as by default one isn't assigned. So that's that point covered.

For the second point they is a nice little script that I use goto 'Scriptspot' and search for meshsmooth controls. Or write your own little script to assign keys.

But the meshsmooth controls script works just fine, I have - and + on my numberpad assigned to meshsmooth.

Hope that helps.

James :D

lsdhillon 08-04-2009 20:22 PM

Hmmm thats very good. but i found another way of doing it. Thats by assigning shorcut to 'show end product'. Your help indeed showed hell lot of other helpful scripts. Thanx mate :-)

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