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A.Alvarez 08-22-2006 21:35 PM

Contest Info... Read Me!
Welcome to the Gnomon Workshop community gallery contest...

We have launched a small forum to allow our community the opportunity to share their work. These are not critique or discussion posts, but purely the sharing of artwork produced via traditional or digital means.

Every month we will select four winners from the 2D and 3D categories (eight winners total), who will receive up to one full year of access to the Gnomon Workshop subscription library (worth $499!).


Simply post examples of what you consider to be your most accomplished work in the forum thread. At the end of each month we will choose our favorite images which will then be announced in the forum. The first place winner will One Year of access to The Gnomon Workshop library, second place Six Months, third place Three months and fourth place One month. Winners will be contacted via the email address used at forum sign-up, the first week of every month.

Anticipated FAQ:

Q. What criteria are used to pick the winner? Well, this should not be seen as some sort of brutal competition. We love to see new artists emerge, and this seemed as a good way to give artists exposure, while rewarded them for their talents. The winners will be based on our judge's personal criteria.

Q. What if I already have a subscription? We will add time to your account. So, for example, if you have three months left of a one year subscription and you won 2nd place, we would add six months so that you would have nine months left.

Joes 08-24-2006 13:20 PM

please which are the rules and requirements
am I able to post all type of images, for example 3d of architecture?... or only 3d of characters

whalerider 08-24-2006 20:24 PM

Another question - are we supposed to post only stills, or is video (hosted elsewhere because of space constraints) accepted as well?

A.Alvarez 08-24-2006 22:04 PM

Any 3D imagery is cool... characters, interiors, architecture... anything.
But just stills for now.


whalerider 08-25-2006 02:27 AM

What are the preferred dimensions for the stills? What is the upload size limit - per image and total per user?

PS: Apologies if this questions was already answered somewhere else.


Originally Posted by A.Alvarez
Any 3D imagery is cool... characters, interiors, architecture... anything.
But just stills for now.


yogeshsherman 08-25-2006 11:25 AM

Number of images one can post
Nice to hear such contest may be soon we like to see contests for 3d artists in other fileds such as rigging ,dynamics etc.
And yes I just want to know how many entries one can post in such a contest.

FMaree 08-25-2006 15:33 PM

I saw one of the Gnomon DVD's at a buddy of mine's place and was really impressed. I have been using Max for a while now to study and want to switch the Maya PLE and it's going to take some getting used to. So I was looking today at what DVD's was available on the Gnomon website ans saw the forum. Winning a couple of DVD's to help kickstart the Maya learning will be a real boost. So expect to see some of my work soon. :D

tsr 08-25-2006 22:43 PM

Wow,,, That looks interesting, (Alex, I have known your name ages ago, glorius at my area about tui...)

mm, Can the foriegner like me joint the contest ? If so, I am very pleased and will see some of my picture on line.


PixelManual 08-28-2006 03:08 AM

Alex, have you given any thought towards your final point in the original post? In regards to it being a bit of an odd competition...?

Honestly, I would have no chance comparing to those who have entered so far; yet, they appear to need the 40 DVD's the least, whereas others who have less experience could put them to real use.

oDDity 08-28-2006 14:46 PM

This isn't really the case. I don't see a problem on this issue.
For example, I am a fairly accomplished (self taught) CG artist, but I have little to no knowlege of maya, and want to get to know the program, so this prize would be just as useful to me as to anyone else.
A lot of the gnomon DVDs aren't really for beginners, but for people who want to get up to speed on a particular application.

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