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Moso 11-07-2015 10:08 AM

Custom UDK Bot Error
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Hello all. I almost never post, but I guess I should start as I am a 3rd year student in Game Art and Design. I am Currently having a situation. I can't seem to get my custom bot working properly in UDK. I have attached jpegs of the script I pulled from an online tutorial and left a link to a video displaying the problem.

This project is part of a a group project with a few other students and any help would be appreciated.

My untextured character is floating in space while traversing back and forth. The texture is not the issue, the "bots" animation I referenced in the script doesn't seem to do the trick and I'm wondering which step I missed. I painted the weights exported as an FBX from 3ds Max. This is the tutorial link I had used:

Scripts and Kismet:

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Attachment 9709

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Attachment 9711

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