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wilex 06-04-2008 12:47 PM

Hey,I have always used normal equipment to draw(School Pencils,normal A4 Paper,Felt Tip Pens)
I have decided to spend some money on some new stuff. :cool:
I am mainly doing digital art but wanted to make my concept art abit better!
So I think i need;
Anything else you guys can think of..:)

So can anybody help me choose what to get because theres so much choice and Im abit lost :confused:

Luca1979 06-06-2008 19:37 PM

You should spend some words more to say what you really need to do, your techniques and so on...
Just buying a better paper (something like fabriano is a decent mix of quality/price) i think you can improve your graphic permormance... You can erase better and more without destroying the paper, you can put a bit of colors on (not so much on fabriano) or some black and white watercolors to create your preliminars to cloro digitally on....

Use felt tip pens of any kind (thay all get bad inks), use small brushes with windsor & newton of similar china ink if you need to use traditional colors on your ink or to have good original artworks that do not change in time.
The pencils... i think you can draw also with Ikea promo pencils... select a pair of kind (usually i make roughs with something as soft as 2/3b and the pages i need to ink with an hb) and go on...
Good luck,


Squirrel Emperor 08-01-2008 19:33 PM


I just use normal copy paper. :D

For pencils, I use 2B and mechanical.

The only pen work I've been doing has been for sketching. Just with a normal pen.

And that's pretty much it.

You're just going to have to go out and buy lots of stuff and experiment for yourself to see what you like. It doesn't really matter what you use.

dragon_1564 08-02-2008 21:43 PM

for pencils i like a little softer lead like an HB.

and pens i like the PITT artist pens.

and for paper i find that a bigger sheet is better for me but if your doing digital art it is better to use a smaller sheet so you don't have to scan it in Peaces.

well that's what i use but it is really up to you.;)

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