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morganbw 01-06-2016 22:04 PM

Krampus, Dec. Image Challenge
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So here is the process I went through for "Krampus" (the 2d image challenge for December 2015). Please feel free to comment, give suggestions, whatever, its great to be with so many great artists...

morganbw 01-06-2016 22:09 PM

The beginning
Here's my favorite part of the process. There's just something about the initiation of an idea. I love to see this in other artists: the sketchy possibilities that are about to unfold. I've always been drawn to the deconstructed image in all its expressive glory.

morganbw 01-06-2016 22:13 PM

So the only thing here was I decided to forgo the framing with a porch post and decided to develop on the bottom half of the snowman so it gave some movement to what happened (instead of just the Krampus hovering over a wrecked snowman, putting the bottom half over there suggested movement and story a little better to me).

morganbw 01-06-2016 22:19 PM

Okay, I was laughing at myself for the bike, (because what kid is going to be riding a bike outside in these conditions?) but I wanted a feeling like the Krampus was destroying things a child loves in a couple of images and maybe he dragged it from out of the garage. I even considered having christmas presents strewn all over but thought it might muddy down the point, probably not.

morganbw 01-06-2016 22:22 PM

My first struggle with the idea of having a tongue...

morganbw 01-06-2016 22:26 PM

And the rest

morganbw 01-06-2016 22:29 PM

In the end, I went with the tongue to give it more grit.

Hope you've enjoyed. Feel free to comment, critique, suggest, ask questions. Thanks. Good luck with your next competition.

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